Different Types of Services Offered by a Locksmith

When should you replace a lock?   New House  Locks Change 

Usually replacing locks needed without notice, for example, if  key broke in the lock, if the key is lost or stolen and original lock was broken into. It is important to remember to lock our doors its essential personal and family security, they keep us hacking and intrusion attempts For our home and for the business, the lock is the first line of defence and the most important. Therefore, in cases when there is a defect in function of the lock is very important to replace it, for example:
• The key does not fit smoothly or spinning
• Key spinning but does not open the door
• Lock opens or closes difficulty


Why should you hire a locksmith to rekey your house?

When you move into a new house, condo, townhouse, or apartment you can be sure that many other people have had copies of your keys

Replacing locks professional and reliable 24 hours a day
In case of replacement lock professionalism, experience and reliability are the ones that determine the quality of work.

 We offer over years of experience in the locksmith, professional and personal service by a certified locksmith  police certification. Whether you need to replace locks or advice urgently to replace the locks in Ottawa or in any other area we will be happy to provide you fast service, reliable and courteous 24/7.


Ottawa Commercial Locksmith ServicesOttawa Expert locksmith Services:

  • Home Security
  • Locked Out of Houses
  • Change Lock Cylinder
  • Commercial locks installed
  • High Security Locks Installed
  • Digital keypad locks installed
  • Rekeying Locks

 we have been providing our customers with the highest quality security Hardware and services at competitive prices, along with fast friendly service, so let us help you!

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